Ever wanted a complete, fast, easy-to-use web server that you could put anywhere and run from anything? Welcome to WNMP – the portable Windows/Nginx/MySQL/PHP server.
Just download the required packages and your ready to roll! No installation, no fuss.
Get wnmp and give it a try to see just how useful it can actually be for you!


Wnmp  Product Key Full Download 2022






Wnmp For Windows [2022-Latest]

– Support for multiple domains and subdomains (domain-based virtual hosting).
– Support for DNS, virtual hosts, local DNS, and host (bind-compatible)
– Support for multiple MySQL databases.
– Easy admin interface (think Debian-like).
– Automatic discovery of domains and CNAMEs.
– Automatic discovery of subdomains and virtual hosts.
– Automatic installation of required files, modules, and configuration files.
– Configuration and administration in wnmp Product Key.conf (multiple files) or
directly in a wnmp shell script.
– Ability to load web modules from within a web page.
– Modular configuration of web modules.
– HTTP headers can be customized per module.
– Can run as both a local service and as a Windows service.
– Support for OpenSSL (provide SSL certificates for server-to-server communications).
– Easy server, php, and perl configuration.
– Use either a local webserver (lighttpd, apache) or a Caddy webserver (with a provided Caddy web module).
– Simple


wnmp Installation:

– Install wnmp with the given download.
– Add the wnmp command to the PATH environment variable.
– Create a new directory for your new wnmp installation.
– Unzip the wnmp installation into this directory.
– Change the permissions for the installation directories so they are all set for Read and Write privileges.

wnmp Configuration:

– For a new installation, run wnmp-install.exe as administrator. If desired, you can change the installation directory and location of php-common (the package that creates the PHP core engine).
– Use the WNMP-CONFIG.ERF file to customize this installation.
– Download the wnmp-config.zip file from this site.
– If you wish, use WNMP-CONFIG.ERF.

New users should read the following:
– wnmp-config.zip contains all the available options and features.
– If you can’t get it working you can always use the default settings which are inside wnmp-config.erf.
– wnmp-config.zip is an alternative to wnmp-config.erf.

wnmp Php Configuration:

– You

Wnmp Free [32|64bit] (April-2022)

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wnmp is a web server that is compact, efficient and suitable for fast loading of dynamic web pages.
It relies on Nginx web server and PHP-FPM pools for high performance and allows you to easily set up a web server in almost a few minutes without writing any configuration files.
The main features of wnmp are:
– Minimal footprint
– Fast performance
– Full-featured and powerful configuration
– Fast development
– Cross-platform support
– Easy to use
– Monitoring and automation through systemd
– High speed and reliability
– Unlimited number of MySQL/MariaDB instances
– 30 minute rolling backup
– Concurrent access
– Secure and encrypted storage
– Data synchronization with Dropbox or Google Drive
… and more!
All things considered, these features are all available in a fast and easy to use server:
– Runs from within a single.exe file
– Supports FTP, POP3 and IMAP protocols
– Runs on Windows, Linux and FreeBSD
– Used fast web files
– Supports authentication with LDAP or local admin
– Uses Linux natively
– Fully multi-threaded
– Designed to be deployed and managed with ease
Using the pre-packaged Debian package will set up everything you need to access wnmp in the most convenient way.
To start the server just run: wnmp.exe
To start the http server to provide access to the PHP server, run: wnmp.exe http
To access the php server, run: wnmp.exe php
To access the MySQL server, run: wnmp.exe mysql
To access the LDAP server, run: wnmp.exe ldap
To access the FTP server, run: wnmp.exe ftp
Options to pass to all of the above:
–loglevel: level of logging: default = critical
–mysql-host: host name of the mysql server
–mysql-port: port of the mysql server
–ftp-host: host name of the ftp server
–ftp-port: port of the ftp server
–http-host: host name of the http server
–http-port: port of the http server
–ldap-host: host name of the ldap server
–ldap-port: port of the ldap server
–db-filename: name of the mysql

What’s New In Wnmp?

wpnmp is a portable package for fast, secure, high-performance data
transfer between Windows and PHP. It provides the socket stream
interface that PHP developers want and expect, and also an extensible
HTTP module that allows performing simple HTTP requests and
responses. The resulting server runs on a headless Windows XP or Vista
machine and receives input from Windows network packets.

A lightweight (only 965KB) piece of software, wpnmp delivers instant
performance and security. All I/O routines are portable, so wpnmp
works with both Windows and Unix-based systems, and standard language
bindings are available in several languages, for easy deployment on
Linux and other platforms.

wpnmp is 100% portable software and has been tested on Windows XP,
Vista, 2000, XP 64bit, Vista 64bit, Linux 2.6 and 2.8, and Mac OS 9.
wpnmp can also be built on other platforms with little effort.



1. Download the latest release from:

(Download packages in.zip format)
(Download packages in.zip.tar or.tar.gz format)
(You can try to download sources from WNMP.org servers, but they are usually not updated)
2. Unzip the file
(e.g.: unzip wnmp-1.9.0.zip)
3. Run the setup program to start the install
(e.g.: setup.exe)


1. wpnmp
2. WNMP Installation and Configuration Guide
3. WNMP Manual
4. WNMP Forum
5. FAQs
6. Bugs
7. Download WNMP 1.9.0 and WinAMP 2.0 for WNMP
(After you downloaded wnmp, you may use it to play WinAMP songs)


1. Now WNMP can be used as a Web server!
2. WNMP can be used with Winamp 2.0!
3. WNMP has a README file…
4. Support for ssl

System Requirements For Wnmp:

OS: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista (32-bit/64-bit)
Processor: 1.2GHz Dual Core
Storage: 2GB
Graphics: DirectX9.0c-compatible video card w/256MB
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Additional Notes: We recommend installing DirectX and Steam before playing!
OS: Windows 10/8.1/8/