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HP Laptop Wifi USB Adapter

I have a problem with installing my wifi USB adapter.
This USB Adapter is the following:
HP Laptop USB Wifi Adapter
I installed it using this directions:
How to install a HP Laptop USB Wifi Adapter on Windows 8
Everything has been installed OK, but the problem is that the device (the adapter) is not used when I turn on my laptop, it gives this message:

Currently using an incompatible wireless adapter.
To connect to a secure network, please remove the incompatible adapter and connect using the USB port.

Why it is not working?
The OS is Windows 8 64bit


I have found the answer by myself, let me share the solution, in case someone else had the same problem.
In Windows 8 if you are using a wireless adapter that was not installed by windows during the installation, the adapter will not be used until a driver is installed.
In this case all we need is to download and install the windows driver.
It was very easy, all you have to do is download the driver from the link below, double click the file and install it.
After that, reboot your laptop.


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How to fix “No suitable driver found for jdbcDriver” error?

I have downloaded a file from github, successfully put it into “C:/tomcat/lib” successfully runs in my local, put it into “c:\program files\jetbrains\IntelliJ IDEA 2017.2.3\lib” and IDE works correctly but when put it into tomcat, no suitable driver found for jdbcDriver
please help, thanks.


If you don’t need Tomcat, and only use it to run the application (and maybe to deploy), then I would avoid using Tomcat altogether and instead of using the Tomcat built-in webapp class loader, use the “system” class loader.
Web apps get their paths from a common jar (usually “”), which you can either hardcode into your app, or add to your project’s classpath.
Add the System class loader to your web app’s classpath:



In this case, you don’t need a resource: