Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Still Flirt Like Total Newlyweds


Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are obviously two very famous people on their own with major careers. But when you combine the two personalities—especially on social media—well, that’s where the real magic happens.

Even though they’ve been married for seven years and are about to welcome their third child, the couple is still as playful as ever with their internet banner. And, frankly, we love to see it. Take, for instance, a recent flirty message that Lively wrote under a brooding black-and-white photograph of Reynolds. “Feeling very happy about my life choices right now,” she said. We see no lies here. (The photo is a promo shot from Reynolds’s Aviation gin line.)

While this latest comment was a seemingly sincere message from Lively, the couple is actually best known for brilliantly trolling each other on social media. In honor of Lively’s 32nd birthday in August, Reynolds posted a series of unflattering photos of his wife—well, as unflattering as a photo of Blake Lively can actually be—with a simple, “Happy Birthday, @blakelively.”

The couple also loves to post birthday messages where they crop their significant other out of the frame, like when Lively posted that other Ryan (Gosling) in her 2017 post about Reynolds.

Obviously, this is all good-natured and fun and only serves to make the couple more relatable. It’s basically a part of their brand at this point, and we hope that never changes. Reynolds recently explained their trolling tendencies to Ryan Seacrest. “Oh yeah, we do once in a while. It’s kind of like what my dad used to say, ‘If you can’t say anything nice, say something embarrassing.’ That’s how we roll,” he said. “I think it’s a sign of a healthy relationship, personally. I do, yeah.”

We totally agree and can’t wait to see what sort of delightful diss these two come up with next.


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