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AutoCAD has gone through many versions since it first came out in 1982, along with many changes in the design and implementation. The most recent major new feature in AutoCAD 2015 is the addition of feature-based design.

AutoCAD has several types of commands, the most prominent of which are:

Dimension, one of the basic drawing commands.

Draw, the most basic command that creates lines and text (character, paragraph, table, etc.).

Extension (exploded lines).

Linetype, with which you can set the line color.

Move, which moves the object.

Scale, which changes the size of the object.

Text, which creates text and a line.

Transform, which changes the object’s appearance, such as rotation, perspective, and inversions.

What Is AutoCAD?

AutoCAD (see Figure 1) is a standard program on which many companies make use of a lot of their tools. AutoCAD is a Windows-based application, but AutoCAD for Windows is no longer the only platform for using AutoCAD. It has been available on Linux, OS X, and now iOS. AutoCAD for iPad is a completely new way to access AutoCAD.

Figure 1. AutoCAD screen

AutoCAD is used by engineers, architects, and many other kinds of designers to produce 2D (2-Dimensional) and 3D (3-Dimensional) design drawings. It is an essential program for engineers, architects, and other designers. AutoCAD was originally developed by a company called Autodesk, which is now a subsidiary of a larger company called Adobe.

AutoCAD History

AutoCAD was first introduced in 1982 as the full-featured, software-only solution to the growing market for desktop CAD software. The first version was released in 1982 as a software-only product, and it was the first desktop CAD product to sell more than 100,000 units in its first year of release.

Originally, AutoCAD was a microcomputer-only product, designed to run on 80286 and 80386 personal computers. A small version of AutoCAD, running on a Zilog Z80 computer, became available in 1983. This version allowed designers to work in their home offices and sell their designs to the office printers, as well as their home construction contractors.

AutoCAD For PC (Latest)

Win API is an interface of the Windows API and allows applications to interact with the operating system.
Application programming interfaces (APIs) provide developers with the ability to write software programs that can be called by other programs. By using an API the end user does not have to install the program that uses the API. In the case of AutoCAD Crack For Windows the interfaces can be in the form of command line programs (AutoLISP, Visual LISP) or a dedicated API.
The Unified Modeling Language (UML) is a meta-model that defines a common modeling language that supports many types of models. It is used as a modeling language for object-oriented modeling and as the notation of the Unified Architecture Framework (UAF).

Media management

AutoCAD supports file access of various formats including Microsoft Excel files, image files, PDF, 3D models, DWG, and other file formats such as AutoCAD 3D. It can read DWF, PDF, DGN, PLT, DXF, CDA, HLP, XPS, 3DS, MDS, DSC, SVG, SWF, WDP and many more.

In addition, some AutoCAD applications can access and edit a large number of file types in addition to the files listed above. These include Access databases, dBASE files, Excel, HTML, iCal, PDF, Powerpoint, PPT, Word, and other Office file formats, as well as geospatial files such as shapefiles and geodatabases.

Academic and commercial programs can interact with AutoCAD, as well as exchange drawings with Autodesk and other companies.

In order to allow sharing of files among others, AutoCAD includes an FTP Server application, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server.

AutoCAD’s advanced 3D drafting capabilities include a powerful family of 3D modelers and 3D graphic components.

Archiving and version control

Autodesk plans to provide for the long-term archiving of design data. In addition, they offer tools for checking out, version control, and collaboration in the use of AutoCAD data. In this context, AutoCAD Enterprise Architect for example, includes powerful features to control and synchronize work across multiple users. AutoCAD archiving is called “Intelligent Document Management” (IDM), and the 2nd version of the product’s capability is expected in the second half of

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What’s New In?

Visio Connect:

With an Autodesk account, view and collaborate on Visio files in AutoCAD. Work with the familiar Visio UI and see your changes show up in the live drawing.


Draw on the Web and import into AutoCAD. Create a sketch and view it in real-time on the Web or via the cloud. View your drawings in AutoCAD and import into Visio on the Web, or Share to mobile devices for remote collaboration.

Other improvements include more efficient workflows for digital drafting, better usability with finger input on mobile devices, and faster and more responsive touch-enabled workflows for 2D and 3D applications.

Of course, it’s important to note that AutoCAD 2023 also includes a few other enhancements.

Other AutoCAD 2023 features:

A better 2D wireframe. (

2D wireframe functionality that intelligently detects and shows the silhouette of 3D objects in 2D drawings.

A new Align To Feature tool that intelligently aligns drawings to a common plane.

Align to space, including now the ability to align drawings to a surface or reference plane. (With the new Align To Feature tool, see: “Align To Feature in 2D drawings” and “Align To Reference in 2D drawings” in the new 2D draftsman’s guide.)

New 2D drafting features for drafting on paper and over a digital display.

The ability to highlight the object that you’re about to add to a drawing, so you don’t accidentally create an unwanted line.

A new Rounded Corner tool that makes it easy to round corners of 2D objects.

B-spline and Bezier curve enhancements for efficient and more accurate curves and splines. (Selecting a point on a spline and clicking “Fit to Curve” now eliminates the spline.)

Added capability to apply 2D profiles and shading to 3D objects.

Several enhancements to the Ribbon interface, including a new Ribbon icon for the new 2D drafting tools.

New layers and objects with views and properties that are especially useful for 2D drafting.

Improved scaling, rotation, and mirroring, and expanded support for AutoCAD coordinates.

The new 2D draftsman’s guide is a

System Requirements:

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